Technical Support

Technical products require technical support. We work closely with you to define all aspects of technical knowledge your Helpware agents need to have to provide excellent and timely technical support to your customers.  

Helpware will ensure that your customers technical support issues are diagnoses and resolved the first time, to keep your costs down, and customer satisfaction up. We recruit,  hire, and train top technical support talent so you can rest assured that knowledgeable agents will be assisting your customers with technical support issues. 

Technical Support

Each technical support team has dedicated operations management, unique and product specific training and Q&A staff. We provide continuous learning opportunities for your technical support staff to obtain additional certifications to benefit you and your customers. Our certification process ensures that every aspect of a technical question can be handled by the agent receiving the support request with clear skills-based routing.

Robotic Process Automation

Processes run faster and more efficiently when things are automated. We analyze your technical support process and identify opportunities where technical support can be augmented with automated task execution for either the support agents or directly for your customers. We use the latest process automation tools from leading providers and have the capabilities to build specific automation for your support team with our engineering group.

Technical Support KPI's

We use specific technical support metrics and KPIs that go beyond the standard ones around ticket resolution times. These specific metrics will be defined based on your technology stack and infrastructure and your specific product requirements around technical support. Some of the specific technical KPI's we are tracking are:

Lost business hours
Change success rate
Infrastructure stability
Ticket volume trends
SLA compliance
Software asset utilization rate
No. of downtime events
Service restoration times