Customer Support

The key to a successful SaaS business is a well thought of customer support system. By implementing a SaaS specific customer support system, you can ensure that you are assisting your customers at the right time with the right message. Many SaaS companies take a reactive approach to support, and wait to engage with customers until the customer reaches out for help. We are glad you landed here to set your business up for a more pro-active approach and ensure that your support team turns form an expense to a revenue driver.

Helpware can help you to set a customer support system that engages your customers pro-actively and with efficiency. We work well as an integrated part of your existing support team or we can handle all of your customer support queries as turnkey solution including building our your knowledge base and self help customer service system.

Omnichannel Support

Your customers are using your software and service and expect answers to their questions immediately in their preferred communication channel.  Helpware assists you in implementing omnichannel support covering all touchpoints and channels for you. We will train and manage your support team to answer requests immediately and regardless of the channel including:

- In-App 
- Chat
- Email
- Phone
- Twitter
- Facebook

Support Content

Some customers prefer to find answers to their question themselves and expect a step by step guide to resolve any issues coming up.

To ensure an optimized process and the ability for customers to review and check back at their own pace, modern SaaS companies have led the charts in developing knowledge base articles, FAQ, video content for user walkthroughs and deployed various tools for system guided user walkthroughs of their software.

The Helpware content production team will analyze your support content and identify any gaps in available content to your customers for a first class self-service experience. We will work closely with your key stakeholders in sales, support, and management to create content that supports your customer lifecycle and matches the sales process and the operations reality.

Support KPI's

We use customer support metrics, KPIs, and examples to track and improve your customers' experience and satisfaction. Ongoing review of these KPI's will provide you excellent insights not only about the performance of your Helpware team, but even more important the health and satisfaction of your customers. Some of the KPI's we measure with the customer support teams are:

Average Response Time
Average Resolution Time
First Contact Resolution
Top Support Agents
Number of Issues
Net Promoter Score
Customer Retention
Service Level
Support Costs vs Revenue
Customer Satisfaction
Active Issues
Resolved Issues
Escalation Rate