SaaS companies

SaaS onboarding and customer service is critical in the SaaS customer journey, setting the stage for your post-sales customer experience. We set you up for long-term success in your customer relation.

With the recent surge in adoption of cloud-based applications and software, SaaS companies have seen significant demand in their alternative solutions to on-premise implementations. The development and sustainability of these solutions, however, requires a thorough understanding of your customer base and what their growing needs are. Our team of consultants and dedicated back office support specialists can provide you with insight and operational proficiency you need to meet these ever-increasing needs effectively.

SaaS companies

Product Roadmap Strategies

Understanding your company’s north star metric, Net Promoter Scores, and software activation rates are all critical factors in building an effective product roadmap strategy. At Helpware, our integrated CX consultants and support specialists will help you plan long-term strategies for your customer engagement and for successful launches and updates.

Key Performance Metrics and Analysis

While essential for SaaS companies, measuring KPIs and running thorough analysis reports can be a time-consuming process that takes away from other core aspects of your business. Let our certified teams manage the the administrative minutia of running detailed analysis and provide you with easy-to-understand business insights that let you make better-informed decisions about the direction of your products.


A great customer onboarding experience starts with your sales team. Setting the right expectations by the sales team about what will happen in the first few days, weeks, or months after purchase can greatly help the onboarding process. Helpware creates a customer journey document that recognizes your sales process and builds on it in the onboarding process. We ensure to hit all areas in the onboarding that provide you better conversion ratios and improved CSAT scores with your customers long term, by truly knowing your product.

Ongoing Support

Our dedicated team members become certified on your products and services and can give your customers the support your product needs to improve your relationships with your customers while significantly reducing your customer attrition rates.