Providing simply access to support staff is not enough in today's competitive environment to ensure the time allocated for onboarding by your customers is spend effectively and with onboarding results that let your customers start using your products and services.

The combination of onboarding specialists, your support staff and your support content will define your success in the eyes of your customers during the critical onboarding phase.

Your Helpware onboarding team consists of onboarding agents, well defined playbooks for support questions that can be answered by the existing support team and onboarding content creators who write and produce knowledgebase content, user onboarding guides, FAQs and video content to provide your customers clear and precise answers at any point during the onboarding process. 

Onboarding Agents

Your Helpware Onboarding team is trained to make a great first impression and trained to identify "buyers remorse" or “decision fatigue” during the onboarding process to ensure your customers stay on track for an efficient and outcome launch oriented process. 

We will execute on all of your items listed on the onboarding checklist to ensure each of your new customers they made the right decision to spend money with your business.

Onboarding Content

Depending on your product and service or based on your customer preference, customers may require a white glove onboarding service or expect a step by step guide to onboard themselves.

In any event, to ensure an optimized process and the ability for customers to review and check back at their own pace, modern SaaS companies have led the charts in developing knowledge base articles, FAQ, video content for user walkthroughs and deployed various tools for system guided user walkthroughs of their software.

The Helpware content production team will analyze the onboarding process and identify any gaps in available content to your customers for a first class onboarding experience.  We will work closely with your key stakeholders in sales, support, and management to create content that supports your customer lifecycle and matches the sales process and the operations reality.

SaaS Onboarding KPI's

Proper onboarding not only includes knowing your customers’ desired outcomes, but it also is the onboarding metrics that you have defined around those expected outcomes that will give you clear benchmarks on a successful customer onboarding process.

We look at various performance indicators around the success of each onboarded customer:

Onboarding specific Surveys
Login Activity
Feature Adoption
Feature Usage
Engagement Score
Onboarding Abandonment
WOW Feature Adoption
New User Invites
Negative Churn

CX Consulting

  • Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • CX Digital Transformation
  • Channel Strategy & Optimization
  • Deflection & Self-Service Strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping