It takes virtually every resource within your company to truly make a customer successful. But there is one key element of your overall technical sales and support team that plays a vital role in bringing a customer’s success to life: The implementation process. This phase in your customer relationship is a break or make moment, where you set up the basis for the relationship with your client and their ability to get value from your product and service.

Your Helpware implementation team can assist your customers implementing your products and services and establish various implementation processes based on the size and technical environment of your customers. With a defined plan at hand, our implementation managers will ensure your customers are ready for the next steps using your products and services and are set up for a successful launch. 

Standard Implementation

We support products and services that are plug and play and do not require a full-fledged technical implementation, but still require customization like setting up custom fields and connection points to your clients legacy infrastructure.

Your implementation team at Helpware will create an implementation plan that will be applied to all customers with a checklist ensuring all setup and integration steps are covered during the implementation process and your customers can start using your products or services immediately once the implementation is finalized.


Technical Implementation

If you require higher touch technical implementation, Helpware can either become your implementation team to execute all steps exactly as offered to your customers in your implementation service offering or we can augment your team to provide the resources needed to cover certain implementation steps, while your existing team can focus on higher-value tasks for your customers.

We will follow your best practices, gather requirements documents if needed and execute the implementation based on your clearly defined implementation playbook.


SaaS Implementation KPI's

The implementation effectiveness can only be improved by constantly measuring and adjusting the process. We start the implementation process by clearly defining KPI's we will measure to ensure we are achieving your goals and the right outcomes for your clients.

We look at various performance indicators around the success of each implementation project:

Cycle Time
On-Time Completion
Time Spent
Customer Satisfaction Score
Net Promoter Score
Customer Complaints
Milestones Timeline
Canceled Projects
No. of Change Requests

CX Consulting

  • Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • CX Digital Transformation
  • Channel Strategy & Optimization
  • Deflection & Self-Service Strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping