Helpware has a love affair with the gaming industry. We are working with both market leaders and smaller publishers and provide support for all game types on all platforms.

With advancements in newer gaming technology, smaller, independent game development studios are on the rise. However, in such a saturated market, it’s hard for developers to find creative ways to differentiate their products from other big name brands.

While putting a significant focus on core game features and performance is essential, being able to support these products can take a considerable amount of resources to manage. At Helpware, we can develop a sound customer support strategy for your business to help effectively scale your projects successfully.


Purchase and Activation Support

Ensuring your gamers get quickly the right answers during activations and purchases is critical. We help you segment your gamers to ensure those who make up the majority of your revenue receive stellar support during activation and purchasing flows.

Game Reviews

Getting updated and positive reviews form your gaming community is critical, but how do you know who is willing to give a positive review and how do you enable gaming elements to drive them to review sites? Helpware can guide you to establish CSAT optimized review flows and ensures that you drive positive reviews with your gamers.

Multi Language Player Support

Helpware has established a large network of multi language agents in all continents across the globe to empower you to speak your gamers language and provide support when they need it.

Social Monitoring

Top-tier support includes continuously monitoring your social networks for signals that could damage you game’s brand or lead to high volumes of tickets. Our trained staff provides you real time monitoring and daily reports on all activities across all your social channels and those channels used by your gamers.