We Are Your Customer Experience Team

Together, we build and manage your remote team
so you can scale your business efficiently.

We call it “People As A Service” and help you build and manage a remote team of people who become an extension of your team.Our structured approach is metrics driven. We like to start with the end in mind, and collaborate with you to say: “what does success look like for you?”

We align around KPIs that are important for you to measure success, and measure our daily performance against those KPIs through scorecards for each team member so you have full visibility and transparency of your team’s performance on a daily basis.

Agile Operations

Our team structure has management and quality control built-in. In addition to your team members, we add in a Customer Success Manager (CSM), Team Leads, Project Managers and Team Captians at no additional cost to you.We organize in small teams, with management built-in so we can respond to the needs of your business quickly.

Our goal is to “embed” our team into your workflow, and we use communication tools like video conference calls and team instant messenger apps (Slack, Cisco Spark, etc) throughout every day so you are in direct contact with your team at all times.

Our transparent approach, combined with open daily communication creates a shared culture and results in a high quality output from the team that we build with you while keeping your costs low.

This is the core of how we help you achieve Agile Operations.